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We are partnering with investors, industry experts, talents, and brands who share our ambition and values.

If you want to join our journey to replace fossils with a sustainable and economically viable alternative, let’s be in contact. 

For inquiries and cooperation, please contact Pasi Keinänen (CEO),, +358 40 4404355

The story goes above the tech - why a brand story is so vital to start-up businesses.

In the fast-paced and ever-changing world of start-ups, standing out from the crowd and capturing the interest of customers, investors, and partners is mandatory for success. Business data and innovative tech are fundamental, but it is the unique story that can elevate the company's value to new heights. Especially in the case of start-ups without historical performance data, other elements become crucial. Business decision-makers want to connect with shareable values, enthusiasm, and inspiration.

For us, it’s important to connect with our audience on an emotional level even if the commercialization is still in the early phases – we believe that by spreading our story, values and the problems we are determined to solve, we can collaborate with our partners and other stakeholders on a deeper level and create undeniable value.

Building Emotional Connections

In an era where markets and digital media are inundated with endless business opportunities and marketing noise, it has become increasingly challenging for any start-up to capture and maintain attention. By sharing authentic and genuine stories, start-ups can build trust and foster long-term relationships with their audience.

In our case, the company's background lies in our founder's childhood fascination with nature's own mechanisms for growth, development, and self-repair. This inspired the search for explanations through science and physics. Through research, experimentation, and collaboration with experts in various fields, we were able to translate the knowledge learned from nature into technical applications. With this approach and mindset, we aim to solve problems that are bigger than any start-up or funding round.

At the core of the company's long-term vision is to harness the sun's immense power as a sustainable source of energy: It fuels life on Earth but also has the potential to address the pressing challenges of environmental sustainability. In addition, the commitment to being carbon-negative powers us to create solutions that not only avoid adding carbon to the atmosphere but actively remove it. By incorporating carbon capture and utilization technologies, we aim to contribute to the overall reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and create a more sustainable future.

Differentiating the Brand

It is very clear that for start-ups seeking funding or strategic partnerships, storytelling plays a vital role in earning the attention and support of investors and potential collaborators. They are interested in more than just financial projections; they want to believe in the vision and potential of a start-up. And the team behind it.

Looking ahead, Liquid Sun brand's future goals remain firmly rooted in our origins. Our story and business idea are one and the same, not a fabricated narrative born out of marketing fantasies. The brand's future goals are shaped by our commitment to nature and science. We as a team continuously seek to push boundaries and challenge the status quo.

We want the story to be present in everything we do. The story is always told for people, which is why it needs to be evaluated and crafted by looking at the company from the outside to the inside. Not based on what we develop in our laboratory.

Amplify yet clarify

In general, brands are focusing too much on what to say when instead they should be talking and connecting with their audiences. A talkative person in the room is way more interesting than a quiet bystander. Although, there’s a but: A vision or a story should not be just empty words or a catchy punchline without substance. It should go beyond the surface and serve as a guiding principle that drives the company's actions and decisions. Simply put, we are driven by one vision. That is to be the best, safe and most easily accessible energy technology that eliminates the need for fossil fuels and balances the carbon cycle.

In summary, our story is not just a narrative we tell; it is deeply ingrained in our approach to both technology development and commercialization. The story becomes the driving force behind our innovations, the foundation of our brand identity, and the key to connecting with our audience on a deeper level, ultimately creating value for the company, stakeholders and to our planet.

Panu Nordlund, Chief Brand Officer, Liquid Sun Ltd



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