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For decades we have relied on fossil fuels as the backbone powering our modern world, fueling industries, driving transportation, and supplying energy that sustains our daily lives. However, as we confront the negative environmental impacts of fossil fuels, there is a growing imperative to explore and adopt alternative, cleaner energy sources to shape a more resilient and eco-friendly future.

Liquid Sun creates sustainable fuels and chemicals to foster our planet’s vitality. Our approach revolves around respecting the planet's natural carbon cycle – utilizing renewable electricity and CO₂ captured from the air to balance the cycle, allowing us to pursue our lives without adding greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

To accelerate the transition to e-fuels and chemicals, we aim to deliver our technology at competitive market prices from early on. As CO₂ capture technologies develop and CO₂ becomes a commodity market, our technology can refine it into valuable fossil-free fuels and chemicals.

A fossil-free world without having to compromise





We are committed to advancing global climate goals by substituting fossil fuels with eco-friendly and affordable synthetic hydrocarbons. We strive to power our e-fuel and e-chemical production processes entirely with renewable electricity. 

Our technology seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure, providing synthetic hydrocarbons to the energy, transportation, and chemical sectors to solve environmental problems. 

An overarching goal is to facilitate mid and small-scale decentralized energy systems by converting and storing renewable energy into liquid synthetic hydrocarbons that can later be used as a power source for sustainable cities and communities. 

Liquid Sun harnesses the power of science inspired by nature’s own mechanisms to create a sustainable fossil-free world. By converting directly captured CO₂ emissions into e-fuels and e-chemicals, we can create an artificial carbon cycle.

We are committed to aligning  the UN Sustainable Development Goals into our operations to foster peace and prosperity for people and the planet, both today and in the future.

A sustainable future is built today 


Contact us

We are partnering with investors, industry experts, talents, and brands who share our ambition and values.

If you want to join our journey to replace fossils with a sustainable and economically viable alternative, let’s be in contact. 

For inquiries and cooperation, please contact Pasi Keinänen (CEO),, +358 40 4404355


Accelerating the green transition is something that no one can tackle alone. Together with innovative and ambitious partners and international networks, we can take on the challenge to make a change for the better. 

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