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Liquid Sun accelerates the shift toward decentralized green energy production

The global need for less capital-intensive and scalable energy sources has exploded. At the same time decentralized renewable energy production is increasing and is widely incentivized.


Liquid Sun technology is efficient, adaptable and complements current renewable energy sources susceptible to fluctuations in energy output due to, for example, weather conditions. Liquid Sun technology is ideal for storing and transporting energy.

Green energy made from air

Liquid Sun technology uses water and CO₂ emissions captured from air as raw materials.


They are converted with high selectivity into various hydrocarbons and chemicals, such as hydrogen, methane, or ethane, through our electrochemical process, making our technology carbon-negative for the benefit of the entire planet.

The packing density of energy in hydrocarbons is 50 times higher than in batteries. Electricity storage on industrial scale is a key challenge that must be resolved in the implementation of future energy sources and solutions.

Hydrocarbons are the future assets to watch.



​Our ambition is a CO₂-negative solution that eliminates the need for fossil fuels and balances the carbon cycle.

Concentrated solar powered energy systems

Our future ambition is to create artificial photosynthesis on an industrial scale by converting CO₂ and water into fossil-free hydrocarbons only with the inexhaustible energy of the sun. Liquid Sun photoelectrochemical reactor will be powered by multijunction solar cells capable of delivering over 50% solar-to-power efficiency. Using this technology we could make travelling to Mars and back to reality.

Decentralised renewable energy solutions

Liquid Sun electrochemical reactors can complement mid and small-scale decentralized energy systems and store the energy from renewable sources into liquid synthetic hydrocarbons. It is ideal for efficient energy storage, safe fuel transportation and increases the eco-efficiency of current renewable energy production plants.

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