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The carbon recoding company®️

At Liquid Sun, we work at the forefront of revolutionizing green energy solutions and fossil-free chemicals, driven by the fact that a fossil-free future is a must – rather than an if. 


Liquid Sun technology is inspired by nature’s own carbon cycle, using harmful CO₂ as a building block for new life and chemicals. Our technology has its scientific origins in the world’s leading artificial photosynthesis research at Stanford University and Tampere University, where some of our scientific masterminds have previously worked.

Our purpose is to harness the power of science and nature’s own mechanisms to create a better world.


Our mission is to be the forerunner in transforming CO₂ into fossil-free fuels to benefit the environment and create economic efficiency.


Our vision is to eliminate the need for fossil fuels to keep our planet breathing. 

With 15 years of research experience within academia, Harri is an expert in chemical physics specializing in the analysis of surface and interface phenomena on inorganic materials, with emphasis on (photo)catalysis, corrosion and thin films.  Harri worked for the Joint Center For Artificial Photosynthesis (JCAP) project in 2014–2015 during his Postdoctoral scholar in Stanford University.

Said is an experienced chemist with an extensive research background, stemming from both academia and industry, in areas of catalysis, organometallics and nanomaterials. Said obtained his PhD at the University of Oxford where he worked on a number of projects concerning nanomaterials for photoelectrochemical applications. Since, he has  gained a strong passion for disruptive technologies.

Zafar is an experienced chemist with a demonstrated history of working in research & development labs (academia & industrial). Areas of expertise include Synthetic Chemistry, Photoswitchable Materials and Circular Chemistry. Zafar is harnessing new skills with additional studies in Risk Management & Circular Economy (MD) with a special focus on sustainable and circular product development in the field of the chemical industry. Throughout his career, he has been a result-oriented team player ready to take the lead whenever required.

Being a young researcher, Muhammad has extensive experience in basic and applied research with expertise in material and catalysts development, their characterization and application in renewable and sustainable energy generation. Throughout his research career, he has been focused on conducting meaningful research that could have a strong impact on society. Muhammad always looks forward to learning new research skills and is always open to collaborations.




Senior Scientist, Innovation Lead


Senior Scientist, Sustainability & Circularity Lead


Senior Scientist

Meet the team

Our company consists of an experienced team with extraordinary skill sets from science, innovations, business development, finance and global brands. And the team is on a mission to create innovative fossil free fuels and chemicals and partner with global companies for the benefit of the environment and economical efficiency.

Our story

Our scientific innovation was created as a result of a research project at Tampere University led by Professor Mika Valden working with his research team Dr. Harri Ali-Löytty, Dr. Markku Hannula, and innovation expert Dr. Pasi Keinänen. Being respected scientists in the field of physics and surface science, together they form the core technology team of Liquid Sun. They are the backbone of our partnership with Tampere University in ensuring world-class research and business collaboration. 


After a successful pilot of producing synthetic hydrocarbons from CO₂ and H2O powered by renewable sources of energy, the university-led research project reached a point in 2022 where it was ready for commercialization. A group of founders joined to collaborate and turn the scientific innovation into a commercialized brand. They represent varied professional backgrounds, but share the ambition of harnessing the power of science and nature’s own mechanisms to create a better world.


Today, Liquid Sun is proud to present an experienced team with an extraordinary skill set in science, innovations, business development, finance, and global brands. Our team is on a mission to create innovative fossil-free hydrocarbons and to partner with global companies to benefit the environment and create economic efficiency. 

Panu is an experienced business leader with expertise in brand strategies, communications and developing strong partnerships. Throughout his career, Panu has collaborated with international companies in their brand strategies and growth initiatives. His focus is always in understanding the business context, end-customer needs, company DNA and making a brand story and design an asset that guides the company forward.

Over 35 years Mika has conducted research on phenomena at surfaces and interfaces of photonic materials, biomaterials, metal and semiconductor alloys and nanostructured materials. The main objective of his research activities is to gain insight into the physicochemical surface and interface properties and to develop novel materials by functionalizing surfaces at the nanometer scale. Mika also shares a great interest in engineering pedagogy in the context of university-level teaching and learning.


Brand & Communications, Co-Founder


Technology Advisor, Co-Founder


Contact us

We are partnering with investors, industry experts, talents, and brands who share our ambition and values.

If you want to join our journey to replace fossils with a sustainable and economically viable alternative, let’s be in contact. 

For inquiries and cooperation, please contact Pasi Keinänen (CEO),, +358 40 4404355

Markku has a strong and versatile background in surface science. Throughout his university research career, he has been studying surface and interface-related phenomena of different materials, such as stainless steel, semiconductors, organic coatings and transition metal oxides. His expertise is focused on electron spectroscopic methods and the fabrication of nanomaterials via physical and chemical vapor deposition techniques.

For the past decade, Arthur has explored and developed expertise in various B2B commercial roles. He started his career in Paris in new business development, before moving to London where he deepened his commercial acumen, working in account management & strategic partnerships. His experience lies in building effective commercial go-to-market strategies and leading sales teams across EMEA.

Pasi is an accomplished entrepreneur with an extensive experience in research and development. He has a proven track record of success especially in driving innovation and progress across a variety of fields, leveraging his skills and expertise to push boundaries and achieve breakthrough results.

Samuel has over a 20 year of career as an entrepreneur, during which he has been involved in founding several successful companies in different fields. For the past 10 years, Samuel has focused on accelerating the growth of multiple start-up companies, where his main areas of responsibility has been financing and commercialization strategies, as well as operational management of the company.


Research Scientist


Business Development


CEO, CO-founder


Chairman, Co-Founder

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