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The carbon recoding company™

A new breed of green tech company that converts CO₂ into fossil-free fuels and chemicals.

We fight against climate change by recoding CO₂ emissions to synthetic hydrocarbons.

Hydrocarbons are generally known as fossil fuels such as natural gas, oil, and coal or their hydrocarbon derivatives and purified forms. The world consumes millions of tons of hydrocarbons daily in the form of fuels, materials, and even medicines. While they are a critical component of the global energy mix and modern well-being, they have a significant negative impact on the environment and human health.

We aim to help sustain the current quality of life and yet reach climate objectives by replacing fossil fuels with synthetic hydrocarbons.

Renewable energy technology built by nature, amplified by science.

Liquid Sun accelerates the shift towards fossil free energy and a safer, more balanced future. 

Hydrocarbons we burn, plastics we consume and even fibres we wear every day, are primarily made from fossil fuels causing severe climate and environmental challenges. They are the major source of greenhouse emissions and air pollution. Also, the scarcity of global fossil fuel resources is the cause of geopolitical imbalance and low energy supply.

Liquid Sun technology provides synthetic hydrocarbons to help stabilize not only the carbon cycle but also the global energy imbalance to make our planet safer and more equal.

Key application areas

Liquid, synthetic hydrocarbons can be used in petrol, diesel, aviation fuel, and marine fuels. They also serve well as chemical feedstock for plastics, fibres, rubbers, solvents, explosives, and industrial chemicals. Their utilization as a transportation fuel requires no significant changes to the existing infrastructure and engines as synthetic hydrocarbons can be processed to fit the current specifications. They have high energy content per volume or mass and, since they are liquids, they can be easily transported and stored. 








Respecting nature's own carbon cycle

Fossil-free, selective, scalable, and future-proof technology.

Our innovation is an electrochemical electrolyzer with unique catalyst designs. The electrolyzer that is powered by electricity from renewable sources, creates hydrocarbons only from CO2, and water.


Liquid Sun technology can be applied to existing infrastructures and it provides synthetic hydrocarbons to energy, transportation, and chemical industries. The output is selective products such as methane, ethane, or formic acid.

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