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The carbon recoding company

We fight against climate change by recoding CO2 emissions to fossil-free fuels and chemicals.

Liquid Sun technology stores renewable energy into liquid fuels using CO2 as raw material.

Modern lifestyle requires millions of tons of hydrocarbons every day in the form of fuels, materials and medicines. We aim to help sustain the current quality of life while eliminating the need for fossil fuels. Our technology allows us to re-engineer nature's own mechanisms for a pure source of liquid fuels and chemicals.

Renewable energy technology built by nature, amplified by science.

Liquid Sun accelerates the shift towards fossil free energy and a safer, more balanced future. 

Hydrocarbons we use every day are primarily made from fossil fuels causing severe environmental challenges that affect us all. Consequently, the imbalance in energy resources and supply is the cause of significant geopolitical instability and tensions.


Liquid Sun technology provides synthetic hydrocarbons to help stabilize not only the carbon cycle but also this global energy imbalance.

Liquid Sun re-codes CO2 with the energy of renewable sources into liquid hydrocarbons

Liquid Sun is a CO2-negative synthetic hydrocarbon technology using CO2 emissions, water, and energy from other renewable sources. It is a scalable solution with adjustable hydrocarbon output for multiple customer needs. A future-proof technology with easy maintenance and low operating costs that can be integrated into existing infrastructure.

Key application areas

Liquid, synthetic hydrocarbons can be used in petrol, diesel, aviation fuel, and marine fuels. They also serve well as chemical feedstock for plastics, fibres, rubbers, solvents, explosives, and industrial chemicals. Their utilization as a transportation fuel requires no significant changes to the existing infrastructure and engines as synthetic hydrocarbons can be processed to fit the current specifications. They have high energy content per volume or mass and, since they are liquids, they can be easily transported and stored. 

Concentrated solar powered energy systems

When we ultimately achieve the full potential of our technology, the Liquid Sun electrochemical reactor will be powered by the inexhaustible energy of the sun by using multijunction solar cells. Cells capable of delivering over 50% solar-to-power efficiency. Using this technology we could make human travel to Mars and back reality.

Decentralised renewable energy solutions

Liquid Sun electrochemical reactors can complement decentralized energy systems by storing the excess energy from renewable sources into liquid fuels. Synthetic hydrocarbons are ideal for energy storage and transportation, reduce the need for fossil fuels and increase the eco-efficiency of current renewables.








Modern lifestyle requires millions of tons of hydrocarbons every day.

Future-proof, scalable and fossil free technology

Our innovation is an electrochemical reactor powered by renewable energy that can be applied to existing infrastructures.


Our future ambition is artificial photosynthesis on industrial scale by converting CO2 and H2O into fossil free hydrocarbons only with the inexhaustible energy of the sun.

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